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by Lockbox

Globe Wings 02:52
QB Kirby FFO 02:08
Myxed Up 00:31
Dark Toonami 05:12
Aurora Rat 02:11
Coolformax 02:58
Jean Dreamin 01:10
JamalCD 01:50
QB Moonface 03:02
Demonoid 01:35



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released September 16, 2016

Lockbox is Jesse Briata

Music, word, and art by Jesse.

Mastered by Patrick Klem.

Playstation Seven- Tarmac Ensignia ANGEL COP is investigating a Terror Cell operating out of a Spencer's Gifts. Soon his mind will be left tattered like a black garbage bag. 1. Crisis Actor Neptunia. 2. 2-cb Iris Cam. Nightwalker's Embrace. Violence City Blu email darktoonami89@gmail.com QB Kirby FFO. Jessica Sky 2O14-16 BLACKOUT KMART. Security. A parking lot demon pounces and bounces. My soul knows only darkness the bat human under pink lights. Sickly yellow tunnel rubber. A ski mask with black shades underneath. Air conditioned environments. Screens of hyper violence. Screaming screens. The block is shrouded. Pink lights rains down as hooded figures walk with snow dancing around them. Ski mask with sunglasses underneath. A panopticon of demonic grinners within bathroom cones of gore. The album represents manifestations of possible universes circa now. The "sun" side is folk music of sun warriors wearing augmented hot topic armor. "Sunbeam Techno" is the self generated folk music of people that interact with playstation 2s that directly interface with the raw energy of imagination, manifesting all possible visual realities for fun. Meanwhile, the "dark" side functions more as representative sculptural forms referencing the architecture of the Shinra Corp. of this reality. These infrastructures are created to siphon the same Godform Energy for purely solipsistic benefit. These infastructures are vastly infinite in form and function off the alienation they blast onto the landscape. The Domestic Sun Warrior coexists with this architecture without much acknowledgement of the doom they impose, but a small resistance is forming. Toy dog i am empathic. Kia soul and refried target. Keep me sealed ill keep the freshness. Kingdom tongue within the garbage. Keep you in my pocket wherever we go / fading face in halo glow / tfw in the hearse. shocker trash gash gives way to thirst. Privately browsing the screaming earth. Rodeo cuties halo glow. Halo snow. Im the cool black dragon doll that isnt human. The clay yoni disk is placed in the materia slot.Lion portals of dawn holler primal in shine dome formation within the complex. Empty spaces and rock climbing apparatus lay under a hexagonal blue sky. A big monk floater, watercolor with eyes fade, reaches out in three palm fade, underneath his hand a dj deck is spinning literal holographic techno. life after death?: this youtube blogger has been drowning herself in vultures peeling concrete from their casino of meat underneath at the casino, greyhound sigil of meat and wire, flames of the petal decal of god boiled and poured. Projecting my spray painted third eye and roadside brain. The school shooter would typically listen to Benny benassi or foo fighters out of his beats by dre gifted from the Walmart outside Morrison Colorado. Star Tone Crystalized on the fringe, spiral tech amped up meets street blue skies and jeans. Anime logo cowboy infused with blue jeans and skies. Micro Center cathode pink sky. Halloween JPEG low res blood on my polo. Ghost skin. Old navy air bender. Running water. Futurama and wine. Trash burner star sign. tall or strength points equal more limbs, ent race chooseable, mystic fat jester race with wand everchanging symbols playable Jessica Sky. JetX Toonami within the black, slick black trashbags. Nah im an mountain chiller, cowboy high roller.


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